About the PR Pay Stub Notify Form

Use this form to send pay stub information by email.

Access this form by selecting File > Pay Stub Notify from PR Pay Period Control. Once you print a check or process an electronic funds transfer (EFT), you can send an email with an attached PDF report detailing the payment details, or you can send an email without the attachment. Whether the system attaches the report or not depends on the setting in PR Employees (Method of Pay Stub Delivery field) for the employee you are emailing.

If you elect to send emails with an attached PDF, you can secure the PDF so that the employee is required to enter a password to open the document. This is done by selecting a Pay Stub PasswordDocument Password Format format in PR Company Parameters (Pay Info tab). Then, when you send the notification email, the system generates a password for each employee based on the specified format and the employee's information (from PR Employees) and embeds the password in the PDF document attached to the email. The system will present the password prompt when the employee clicks on the email attachment.

You can also include additional attachments in employee emails (such as company-wide notifications, flyers, etc.) by adding them to the Attachments section of the form. You can either drag-and-drop documents from your desktop or Windows Explorer or use the Add Attachment button () in the form toolbar to add attachments to the list.

Note: The total combined size of additional attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.

Before you send the emails, you can view attachments by double-clicking on them in the Attachments list. You can also delete an attachment from the list by selecting it in the list and pressing the Delete key.

Send Pay Stub Information by Email