Clear EFT Payment Information

If you encountered any problems with your EFT during processing, you can use the Clear tab in the PR EFT Payments form to clear existing EFT information.

You can also clear EFT information if you have any other need to reprocess EFTs (for all employees) within the payroll group and pay period.
Important: If you proceed and clear payment information in Vista, you must also delete the data file from its saved location if you have previously generated it.
  1. In the PR EFT Payments form, select the Clear tab.
  2. In the PR Group field, enter the payroll group that you are clearing EFT information or press F4 for a list of valid PR groups.
  3. In the Pay Period Ending Date field, enter the pay period ending date or press F4 for a list of valid dates.
  4. In the CM Reference# field, enter the CM reference number for the previously assigned EFT information.
    Note: If you have not yet updated payment information to CM, you can reuse the original CM reference number when reassigning payment information. If you have already updated CM, the system saves a record of the original payment and will be used to correct CM files when you rerun the update.
  5. Click Refresh.
    The system displays all employees in the grid.
  6. Click Clear.
The system removes the EFT information. If applicable, you can reassign EFT information for the payroll group using the Assign tab.