Partial Payment by Check

Below are steps to follow if you need to produce a physical check for an employee that is routinely paid by direct deposit.

  1. Create a dummy deduction code in PR Deductions and Liabilities for direct deposit adjustments. This code may use any GL expense account you prefer because your entries should create both a credit and debit of equal value, with a net effect of 0 to GL.
  2. Find the employee in PR Employee Pay Seq Control. On the Deductions tab, add the dummy deduction code. Use the amount for the manual check to be issued as the deduction amount. This amount cannot be the entire net check because a direct deposit of 0 is not allowed.
  3. Click Process.
  4. In PR Timecard Entry create another sequence for this employee with a timecard line of a zero amount.
  5. Find the employee in PR Employee Pay Seq Control for this new sequence. On the Deductions tab, enter a negative deduction to the same dummy code for the same dollar value (creating a positive payment amount).
  6. Select C-Computer from the Check Type drop-down field.
  7. Click Process.
  8. Carefully review this PR Employee Pay Period Control screen again after you process and override to 0 any Deductions or Liabilities that may have carried over from the standard setup. The two deduction adjustments must net to zero. All correct accumulations, taxes, and basis amounts will be retained on the sequence with the direct deposit record. The system will now generate a physical check and a direct deposit.