Print Non-Negotiable Payroll Checks

If you have checked the Enable Non-Negotiable Check Print box in PR Company Parameters, you can print non-negotiable checks using the PR Check Print form.

The rest of this topic discusses how to print non-negotiable payroll checks.

Once you have printed checks, the system displays a message regarding printing of non-negotiable copies. Click Yes to proceed. A second message displays: "Make sure that check stock is removed from the printer before clicking OK to proceed." Remove the check stock, and click OK. The Print window displays and you can proceed with printing the non-negotiable copies.

If you click Cancel, but intend to print non-negotiable copies at a later times, follow these instructions.

  1. Select the Existing Checks tab in PR Check Print.
  2. Enter the check range.
  3. Click Refresh to populate the grid.
  4. Select Clear Existing Check #s – numbers can be reused from the Clear/Void section of the form.
  5. Proceed as if you are going to print live checks; when the Print window displays, click Cancel to avoid printing.
 The non-negotiable copies message displays.
  6. Continue with the printing process as outlined at the beginning of this topic.