Process Payroll EFT Payments

Use the PR EFT Payments form to process EFT payments for your pay period.

Processing EFT payments consists of two steps:
  1. Assign EFT payment information to eligible employee earnings within an open pay period.

  2. Generate a data file to submit to your bank for payment.

  1. Select the Assign tab.
  2. In the PR Group field, enter the payroll group for which you are processing EFT payments or press F4 to select from a list of valid payroll groups.
  3. In the Pay Period Ending Date field, enter the pay period ending date or press F4 for a list of valid dates.
  4. If you want to create a separate download for each payment sequence, enter the payment sequence number in the Payment Seq# field.
    If you leave this field blank, the system will create a single download for all sequences.
  5. If you want to restrict assigning EFT payment information by employee:
    1. Select the Restrict by Employee SortName? check box.
    2. In the Beginning Employee Sort Name and Ending Employee Sort Name fields, enter the employee or range of employees to process. You must enter a value in both fields.
  6. In the Effective Date field, enter the date that you want the bank to use when depositing payments to your employees. The system defaults the same month and year in the Paid Month field.
    Note: The system updates the paid date to the CM module. You will need to ask your bank how many days in advance they will need the file before paying your employees.
  7. In the CM Reference # field, enter a number that will be assigned to all of your EFT payments.
    Note: The number you enter here does not affect or interfere with any of your check numbers.
  8. Click Update.

    The system displays a confirmation message and assigns the effective date, paid month, and CM reference number to all of your employees receiving EFT payments for this pay period.

  9. Click Close.
  10. Select the Download tab.
  11. For U.S. companies only, select the Active radio button from the Export File Type section of the form.
    For Australian and Canadian companies, this field is set to Active and disabled
    Note: U.S. companies only: Select Prenote if an employee has just set up direct deposit and you want to check that their account information is accurate. If an employee is set up as Prenote, they will receive a check. Select Test if you are initially testing that you have information set up correctly for your bank.
  12. Enter the payroll group, pay period ending date, CM reference number, and description in their respective fields, as necessary.
    Note: Default values come from the information on the Assign tab.
  13. Canada only: Enter a number that uniquely identifies this file for the bank in the File Creation Number field.
  14. (Optional) In the Download Filename field, change the default entry. Press F1 for more information.
  15. Select File Audit Report.

    The system displays an active audit report.

  16. Review the report to ensure the EFT information is accurate. Print if required.
    Important: There is no other opportunity to print this report before you create the data file.
  17. Click Continue.
    One of two things will occur. For more information, see Secure File Path.
    • If you are not using the Secure File Path function, the Save Export File As window displays and you must choose a location to save the file. You can opt to change the default filename.

    • If you are using the Secure File Path function, no Save As window appears as Vista saves your file directly to the location specified in the PR Company Parameters form.

  18. Click Close.
  19. Submit the downloaded file to your bank for processing.
    Note: You can also use the above instructions to recreate text files for closed pay periods. Just make sure to specify the closed pa period ending date, as well as the appropriate CM reference number.
You can now print direct deposit stubs for your employees.
Note: If you encountered any problems with your EFT or you have any other need to reprocess EFTs (for all employees) within the payroll group and pay, use the Clear tab in the PR EFT Payments form to clear existing EFT information. If instead you only want to clear payment information for certain employees, use the PR Employee Pay Sequence Control form. For more information, see Clear EFT Payment Information.