Send Pay Stub Information by Email

You can send payment information (pay stubs and direct deposit advice stubs) via email to one or more employees associated with a selected payroll group and pay period.

When you print checks or direct deposit (EFT) remittances, the system attaches a PDF of the payment report to the employee pay sequence in PR Employee Pay Seq Control. Then, when you send emails to employees, the system includes the attachment for each employee that is set up to receive emails with attachments. If you elected to secure payroll document attachments (in PR Company Parameters), the employee must enter a password to open the attachment.

Note: Employees set up to receive email notifications without attachments will receive an email with body text only; no attachments are included.Prerequisites for this task:Payroll > Programs > PR Pay Period Control > PR Pay Stub Notify
  1. From the Main Menu, select Payroll > Programs > PR Pay Period Control.
  2. In the PR Group field, enter the payroll group to work with.
  3. In the Pay Period Ending Date field, enter the pay period end date to work with.
  4. Select File > Pay Stub Notify.
  5. In the Pay Seq field, enter the payment sequence for which to send notifications. Press F4 to select from a list of available sequences.
  6. Select Notify All to email all employees or Notify Individual to select a specific employee.
  7. If you selected to notify an individual employee, enter that employee in the Employee field.
  8. To use plain text in the email body, select the Use plain text format check box (below the Body text box).
  9. Enter the return email address in the Return Email Address field or accept the default.
  10. In the Subject and Body fields, respectively, enter the email subject and the text of the email.
  11. Create the email using the From, Subject, and Body fields.
  12. To include additional (standalone) attachments with your email, add them to the Attachments box using either of the following methods:
    • Drag-and-drop the desired document from your desktop or Windows Explorer to the Attachments box.
    • Click the Add Attachment button () in the toolbar and select the document to add from the file selection window.
    • Note: The total combined size of additional attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.
  13. To view attachments before sending the email, select an attachment to view in the Attachments box and double-click to open.
  14. To delete an attachment, select it in the Attachments box and press Delete.
  15. Click Send.

    The system sends the email to the specified recipient(s) and displays a confirmation dialog box.

  16. Click Close.