About Processing Employee Leave

The way that you process leave entry depends on two things: the type of leave code (fixed amount or rate-based) and if you have set any limits (accrual or available balance).

There are two parts to leave processing: determining accruals and determining usage.
Note: If you are implementing a new Vista™ by Viewpoint system, and you plan to set accrual and available balance limits for leave codes, your initial processing may require additional steps. See Implementing Leave Codes for more information.

Depending on your leave code setup in PR Leave Codes, you might run leave accumulations once a year, monthly, or more. The number of times you run accumulations is dependent on the type of leave code and any associated limits (whether an accrual limit or an available balance limit). Usage is typically processed every pay period to ensure that you keep accurate leave records.

During the payroll process, once you have posted leave you can proceed to printing checks and processing EFTs.

Click on the following links for instructions on how to process either type of leave code.