About Setting Holidays for Pay Periods

When you create a pay period in PR Pay Period Control, you can specify holidays for any overtime calculation when the overtime schedule indicates that holiday pay should be included.

To add a holiday to a pay period, select the Holidays tab and enter the date of the holiday in the Holiday field.

Check the Apply To Craft box if all employees (craft and non-craft) should be paid overtime for the holiday (if worked). For craft employees, the holiday is paid in addition to any other holidays defined for the craft. If you do not check this box, then only non-craft employees will be paid overtime for the holiday (if worked). Craft employees will only be paid overtime for the holiday if the holiday is defined for the employee's craft in PR Crafts.

Note: To set up a craft employee for this feature, select C-Craft from the Overtime field in PR Employees (Add'l Info tab). Employees with any other overtime method are considered 'non-craft' employees.