About Setting Up Frequency Codes for a Pay Period

For each payroll period that you create in PR Pay Period Control, you must specify the active frequency codes.

The system uses these codes to identify the automatic earnings to post (when you run PR Post Automatic Earnings) and the employee automatic deductions and liabilities to calculate while processing payroll (PR Payroll Process).

You will set up frequency codes on the Active Frequency Codes tab in PR Pay Period Control. To set up a code, enter the code in the Frequency field, or press F4 to select from a list of valid frequency codes. Repeat for all applicable frequency codes and save the pay period record as normal.

Note: If you have posted automatic earnings and posted payroll and find a frequency code on this tab that should not appear, delete the frequency code from the Active Frequency Codes tab and rerun PR Post Automatic Earnings and PR Payroll Process.