About Syncing Payroll to Job Cost

Each time you run PR Ledger Update, the Job Cost module is updated with up-to-the-minute payroll information.

The Job Cost tab in PR Company Parameters determines if and how much detail is interfaced to Job Cost.

If you leave the Interface PR To JC box unchecked, then payroll information is not interfaced to Job Cost at all. Be sure this field is checked for Job Cost to be updated.

There are several options as to how much detail is to be interfaced to Job Cost. These are identified in the JC Detail section of PR Company Parameters. Your decisions may be based on your reporting requirements and/or your billing requirements. If you do Time & Material billings, the detail is pulled from Job Cost and must include at least as much information as you need to produce these billings. For instance, if your T & M billings include the name of the employee, you must have the Employee box checked for update to JC. The options for detail to be interfaced to Job Cost are:

  • Craft/Class

  • Crew

  • Employee

  • Use Timecard Date Instead Of Pay Period Ending Date

  • Earnings Factor and Earnings Type (Labor)

  • Liability Type (Burden)

  • Equipment and Revenue Code (Usage)

If none of these options are checked, then one line of detail for each week ending date and job/phase/cost type combination will be interfaced.