About the PR AP Update Form

Use this form to create a batch of Accounts Payable transactions based on a pay period’s deduction and liability amounts.

If you have also selected specific earnings codes for automatic update to AP, AP transactions are created from the amounts posted to the earnings codes.

These entries become actual AP transactions when posting the batch in this form. All entries are fully editable either before or after posting by using the AP Transaction Entry form. Changes made to the transactions in AP do not update back to PR. The invoice date for all AP transactions default from the Invoice Date field on this form. Discount and due dates default based on the vendor's payment terms, while the AP Reference, Hold Code, and Pay Control fields (AP Transaction Entry) will default as blank.

As a payroll is processed, the system updates AP-related information (e.g., vendor and description) for each deduction, liability, and earnings code that you checked the Automatic Update to Accounts Payable box for in PR Earnings Codes. As with the JC and GL updates (PR Ledger Update), the PR AP update is typically run after closing a pay period.

Warning: Once you process a batch in the form, you will be unable to reprocess the batch. If the generated AP batch is cleared, you will need to recreate the information from PR manually in AP. That is why it is important to run the update process once all changes are made to your pay period.

For more information on using this form, see Updating Payroll Information to AP.