About the PR Auto Overtime Form

Use this form to calculate and post overtime from the straight time hours posted in PR Timecard Entry.

Note: You can only process auto overtime on this form if you have selected the Using automatic overtime check box in PR Company Parameters (Info tab). If you did not select this box, the system displays a message when you attempt to post auto overtime and you will not be able to finish posting.

When you first access this form, the grid displays any auto overtime employees with non-posted timecards, along with any associated batches. The system will not process these employees, so you may want to post the indicated batches before proceeding in this form.

The options on the form allow you to specify whether to process auto overtime for all employees or a selected employee, as well as whether to include all payment sequences or restrict to a single payment sequence. Restricting by payment sequence is only useful if you have multiple payment sequences set up for the pay period (in PR Pay Period Control) and it is necessary to exclude earnings that should not be included in overtime calculations (e.g., bonuses, adjustments, reimbursements, etc.).

Note: For Australian and Canadian companies, if you are processing auto overtime for labor posted to non-job SM work orders, the system will automatically set the Tax Type to 3-VAT for the work completed labor line created in SM Work Orders. Additionally, the Tax Code will be set equal to the tax code used on the original timecard. However, this functionality will only apply if the SM company's AR company (defined in SM Company Parameters) is set up with a Default Country of AU or CA in HQ Company Setup.

For more information on using this form, see Posting Automatic Overtime.