About the PR Payroll Process Form

This form brings together all the timecard detail, employee information, overrides, and deduction/liability information to summarize employee earnings and calculate deductions and liabilities for a payroll period.

All craft/class add-on earnings are also applied.

The PR Payroll Process form must be run before Job Cost or Equipment can be updated in PR Ledger Update. Update these modules to obtain daily reporting even if checks have not been issued and not all timecards for the pay period have been entered. Process the payroll period in order to calculate the liabilities (burden) that are to be costed to these modules.

An employee can be paid only after being fully processed. The employee/sequence number must be processed under any of the following circumstances:

  • Whenever timecard entries have been posted through PR Timecard Entry or PR Post Automatic Earnings

  • Whenever timecard corrections have been made through PR Timecard Entry or PR Post Automatic Earnings

  • Whenever overrides are adjusted in PR Employee Pay Seq Control

When using this form, you can process one payroll period at a time, so you may need to run this form multiple times if you have more than one payroll group/pay period combination.

Note: During state and local deduction/liability processing, if State or Local tax code filing statuses or exemptions have not been set up for an employee (in PR Employee Dedns/Liabs), the Federal filing status and exemptions are used. If no Federal filing status/exemptions are defined, then the filing status is set to Single, with 0 exemptions.

For more information on using this form, see Processing a Payroll Period.