About the PR Post Auto Earnings Form

This form posts predefined earnings from PR Automatic Earnings.

Earnings types that lend themselves to this process include:

  • Salary; includes salaried employees whose earnings are posted to a single job or no job (multiple job distribution must be posted in 
 PR Timecard Entry)

  • Subsistence

  • Salary reduction plans (such as 401k)

  • Additional earnings that can be calculated as a rate of gross, rate per hour, rate per day, rate of straight time equivalent, or flat amount

When you first access this form, the grid displays any employees set up for automatic earnings for the current pay period who have non-posted timecards, along with any associated batches. The system will not process automatic earnings for these employees, so you may want to post the indicated batches before proceeding in this form.

The options on the form allow you to specify whether to process automatic earnings for all employees or a selected employee, as well as whether to include all pay sequences or restrict to a single payment sequence. Restricting by payment sequence is only useful if you have multiple payment sequences set up for employees (in PR Automatic Earnings) and it is necessary to isolate certain earnings such as salaries, auto allowance, and Section 125.

Note: If you define an annual limit for an earn type in HQ Earn Types (Annual Limit field), and associate the type with multiple earnings codes, the system uses that limit when processing those codes. For more information, see Annual Limit.

For more information on using this form, see Posting Automatic Earnings.