Delete Posted Arrears and Payback History

Delete arrears and payback history records that were added added during payroll processing.

You can delete manually entered history records using the red X, but you cannot delete records that were added via payroll processing and posting in the same manner.

You will need the Employee #, PR Group, and Pay Period Ending Date. You can get this from the PR Payroll Process form.

You may need top reference Arrears amounts and Payback amounts. You can get this information from the PR Arrears/Payback History form or report.

To delete arrears/payback records that were added during payroll processing:

  1. In the PR Employee form, on the Add’l Info tab, clear the Active for Arrears check box for the employee(s) whose arrears and/or payback record(s) need to be deleted.
  2. In the PR Payroll Process form, enter the payroll group and pay period ending date.
  3. Select the Employees with Changed Earnings or Overrides check box.
  4. Click Process.
  5. As needed, repeat the prior two steps for any other payroll group and/or pay period ending dates.
  6. For each employee whose arrears and/or payback records need to accrue going forward, return to the PR Employee form and select the Active for Arrears check box.