PR STP Employee Amounts Form

(Australia) Use the PR STP Employee Amounts form to review generated payroll data for an employee prior to submission.

You can access this form (for STP Phase 2 submissions only) by selecting the Employees tab in the PR STP Process form and double-clicking any employee record.

The system populates this form during the normal course of processing Single Touch Payroll (STP). Its main purpose is to display the aggregated data for STP Phase 2 submissions. During submission data generation, the system selects data from payroll history based on your selection criteria in the PR STP Generate Data form, compiles and aggregates that data, and then populates this form with the data for the submission.

The aggregated data is displayed on one of five tabs as appropriate:
  • Primary Payments
  • Allowance Payments
  • Lump Sum Payments
  • Termination Payments
  • Other Components

The data shown on these tabs is display only; however, if the submission's status is 1-Submission Data Generated and the Amounts Locked/Unlocked drop-down on the PR STP Process form (Info tab) is set to Amounts Unlocked, you can edit payment amounts and other component amounts as needed.