PR STP Generate Data Form

(Australia) Use the PR STP Generate Data form during the normal course of processing Single Touch Payroll (STP) to generate submission data.

The submission options you select on this form determine the submission type, format, and content of the current submission.

Submission Data Format

The Submission Data Format determines whether the current submission is to be a Phase 1 or Phase 2 submission and, based on the option you select, the content and format of the submission.

  • STP Phase 1 - Use for generating submission data for tax year 2021 or earlier
  • STP Phase 2 - Use for generating submission data for tax year 2023 or later.

For tax year 2022 and the first quarter of tax year 2023, you can use either option; however, you should lodge an STP Phase 2 submission with the ATO only when you are ready to switch to STP Phase 2 reporting. Once you use the STP Phase 2 option and submit your data to the ATO, you can no longer use STP Phase 1 for tax year 2022 or later.

Submission Options

The submission options determine whether you are generating data for a Pay Event, Full File Replacement, or Fix YTD submission.

Depending on the submission type you select, you will then enter additional information as follows:
  • Pay Event - Specify the Pay Date, and optionally the PR Group and PR End Date
  • Full File Replacement - Indicate which prior submission to replace
  • Fix YTD - Specify a date for the Fix YTD submission, and optionally, select a single employee for whom to report corrected YTD values

Your use of this form during STP processing prompts the system to select data from payroll history based on your supplied selection criteria, compile and aggregate that data, and then depending on the submission format option you selected, either populate the PR STP Employee form (STP Phase 1) or PR STP Employee Amounts form (STP Phase 2) with the submission data.