Create, Print, and E-File 1094s and 1095s Using Aatrix

You must use Aatrix to create, print, and efile your ACA files.

Before you create and submit ACA e-files:
Note: You can run Aatrix in test mode prior to creating and submitting 1094s and 1095s to verify your ACA data is correct and formatted properly. For more information, see Test ACA Transmittal Data for Accuracy in Aatrix.
To create, print, and submit ACA files:
  1. In PR ACA Process, select Tasks > Launch Aatrix Print and eFile.
    Important: If you haven't yet installed Aatrix on your local workstation, a dialog box appears. Click the provided link to begin the process. Once installation is complete, select Tasks > Launch Aatrix Print and eFile again.

    The PR Aatrix - ACA Print and eFile form opens.

  2. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year.
  3. From the Form Type selection box, select the form type.
    • 1095/1094-B — Select to process Health Coverage Information returns
    • 1095/1094-C — Select to process Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage Information returns
  4. Click Continue and follow the prompts in the Aatrix application.
    Once you complete data edits, you can then print and/or eFile 1095s and 1094s.
    Note: The Aatrix application does not send data back to Vista. If you need to make corrections after you have already submitted your 1094s/1095s, you must do so directly in Aatrix. For more information, see Make Corrections to Regulatory Filings via Aatrix.