Set Up and Process Data for ACA 1094s and 1095s

This topic applies only to United States companies.

Note: Users should be familiar with IRS definitions and requirements for ACA reporting before using Vista to enter ACA data and generate reports. For more information, visit the Internal Revenue Service website at and search for "Instructions for Forms 1094-C and 1095-C".

The purpose of the ACA forms and reports in Vista is to help users generate and transmit the IRS Form 1094-C and 1095-C.

The steps below will guide you through the major steps in the process of setting up and processing data in Vista for ACA compliance. For more information, see the individual form and field Help topics for the forms mentioned below, as well as tutorials available in the Viewpoint Learning Center.

  1. In PR Earnings Codes, set the earnings codes that will be used to measure hours that an employee worked by selecting the Track Hours for ACA check box. See Track Hours for ACA.
  2. In PR Company Parameters, enter the ACA transmitter control code in the TCC field. Also, if this PR company is a foreign company operating in the United States, select the Foreign Transmitter check box. See the F1 Help for those fields.
  3. In HR ACA Look Back Groups, create ACA measurement periods to measure part-time or variable time employees. See Creating an ACA Look Back Group.
  4. In HR Resources:
    1. On the Payroll Info tab, select a status from the ACA Employment Status drop-down.
    2. In the Look Back Group field, enter the applicable look back group.
    3. On the ACA History tab, enter data as applicable. You can enter data in either of two ways:
  5. Complete the information in the HR Benefits Codes form. See Assigning Earnings, ACA, and Deduction/Liability Codes to Benefits.
  6. If your organization offers self-insured coverage (indicated by selecting the Self-Insured check box in HR Benefit Codes, Info tab), complete the following:
    1. Complete the information in the ACA section of the Info tab in the HR Resource Benefits form. This will automatically populate the fields on the ACA Coverage History tab. See Assigning Earnings, ACA, and Deduction/Liability Codes to Benefits.
    2. Complete the information in HR Resource Dependents for each dependent.
  7. In PR ACA Process, enter data for the selected tax year to provide information necessary for the 1094-C and 1095-C. You can enter data in either of two ways:
  8. Create, print, and submit 1094s and 1095s using PR Aatrix - ACA Print & eFile.