About the PR Employee PAYG Summaries Form

Use the PR Employee PAYG Summaries form to review employee summaries and amounts before previewing and/or printing the PR PAYG Payment Summary - Individual Non-business report or submitting an electronic file to the ATO.

Access this form from the PR PAYG Summary Process form by selecting an employee from the Employees tab and then double-clicking the Employee.

When you generate amounts for a tax year (by clicking Generate Amounts in the PR PAYG Summary Process form), the system automatically adds one or more summary records to the PAYG INB Summaries tab for each applicable employee. These summary records are based on the reporting periods found for the employee on the PAYG Reporting Periods tab in the PR Employees form.

In addition, the system adds all PAYG items associated with each reporting period to the ATO / Super Items and Misc Items tabs for each summary record based on data from the PR Employee Accumulations form.

Important: Because the system pulls this data directly from the Reporting Periods and Employee Accumulations tables, you should never need to add or edit information in this form, and it is strongly recommended that you do not. If you manually enter Summaries using this form, care should be taken to avoid entering a Begin Date / End Date range that conflicts with other summaries in the same tax year or with existing Period of Employment records maintained in PR Employee setup. To do so could lead to ambiguous results reported to the ATO. Additionally, new PAYG items added to the ATO / Super Items and Misc Items tabs must be valid for the tax year and cannot already exist for the summary record.