About the PR ETP Employee Amounts Form

Use the PR ETP Employee Amounts form to review employee ETP amounts for an employee and date of payment within a tax year, summarized by Payment Code.

Access this form by double-clicking a record on the Employee ETP By Date tab on the PR ETP Summary Process form.

The ETP Summary by Payment Code section at the top of this form displays this information as it will appear on the employee's ETP summaries. These amounts are automatically generated when you use the PR ETP Generate Amounts form, and are filtered on this form by Tax Year, Employee, and Date of Payment.

The Employee ETP Amounts By DL Code tab is an input grid at the bottom half of the form that displays the detail records that make up the displayed summary. You can use the input grid to add DL codes, adjust tax amounts, and change the payment code for each payment to an employee. The input grid is also where you indicate that a payment code has been amended. As you adjust fields in the input grid, the display refreshes in the ETP Summary by Payment Code section to display a revised summary.

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Edit Employee Amounts