About the PR PAYG Employee Generate Amts Form

Use the PR PAYG Employee Generate Amts form to generate employee amounts when preparing on-demand or year-end PAYG individual non-business (INB) summaries.

Access this form from the PR PAYG Summary Process form by clicking Generate Amounts.

When you initiate the generation process, the system uses the Reporting Periods (in the PR Employees form, PAYG Reporting Periods tab) and employee accumulations (in the PR Employee Accumulations form) to determine the summaries and amounts to generate for each employee.

A single summary record is created for each reporting period within the Tax Year, and for each summary, the system generates amounts for all applicable PAYG items based on data from the PR Employee Accumulations form. The summaries, ATO, and Misc item amounts are updated to corresponding tabs in the PR Employee PAYG Summaries form.

If you have previously run summaries for the tax year, the system generally starts the process from the first reporting period that is not associated with a summary number. However, you can overwrite existing summaries by selecting the Startover: Overwrites All Existing Summaries in Tax Year check box. In this case, the system deletes the existing summaries and replaces them with new summaries.

Under certain conditions, the system also updates the Period End Date for current reporting periods and create new reporting periods. For example, when running year-end summaries, the system automatically sets the Period End Date to 30/6/YY for each employee's current reporting period (unless a Period End Date already exists). If no Termination Date exists for the employee (in the PR Employees form), the system assumes the employee is still working and creates a new reporting period with a Period Start Date of 1/7/YY.

Click the following link for more information about using this form.

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