Edit Employee Amounts

Follow the instructions below to edit amounts. You can find more information in the F1 Help for each field.

  1. In the header part of the form, accept the default in the Employee field to edit that employee for the selected tax year, or use F4 to select from a list of employees.
  2. In the Date of Payment field, accept the default to edit that employee's date of payment for the selected tax year, or use F4 to select from a list of dates.
  3. In the Employee ETP Amounts By DL Code input grid in the lower half of the form:
    • To edit an existing record, select that DL Code record, or
    • To add an additional record, enter a DL code in a new record.
  4. In the record you want to edit, if necessary, select a code in the Payment Code field using the drop-down arrow.
  5. If necessary, edit the Total Tax Withheld, Taxable Component, and Tax Free Component fields. Typically you will not need to make changes to these fields.
  6. To include payments for this employee in an electronic file, check the Include in E-File checkbox. Uncheck this box if the payment should not be included.
  7. If you are amending the amounts:
    • If you are preparing an amended ETP payment summary to give to an employee, check the Amended Summary box prior to printing the summary. When you check this box, the system will generate an amended version of the PR PAYG Payment Summary - Employee Termination Payment, clearly marked as amended.
    • If you are preparing an amended PAYG Annual Report electronic file to submit to the ATO, confirm that the Include in E-File checkbox is checked and set the E-File Amendment Indicator field to A-Amended prior to generating the electronic file. The system will mark the record as amended in the electronic file.