Set Up Automatic Redundancy/Early Retirement ETPs

Use the PR Auto Termination Pay Setup from to create redundancy and early retirement ETP type records.

Note: This topic focuses specifically on redundancy/early retirement payments. This does not apply to other types of ETPs that are paid due to redundancy/early retirement.
When you set up a record in this form, the system automatically creates timecard records (during payroll processing) for employees who qualify for a redundancy/early retirement ETP.

To set up automatic redundancy/early retirement ETPs:

  1. In the PR Auto Termination Pay Setup form, enter N, New, or + in the Seq field to generate the next available number.
  2. In the Termination Payment Type drop-down, select R - Redundancy/Early Retire.
  3. In the Redund ETP/Leave Earn Code field, enter the earnings code for redundancy/early retirement. For more Information, see Create Earnings and Deduction Codes for Redundancy/Early Retirement ETPs.
  4. Save the record.

The system will now generate a timecard record for all applicable earnings codes for each employee eligible for a redundancy/early retirement ETP. For more information, see Generate Payments for Terminated Employees.

In order for payroll processing to include all applicable employees, you must set each applicable employee as eligible for the ETP. See ETP Overview: Australia.