Generate Electronic Files for PAYG Summaries

Use the PR PAYG Summary Process and PR ETP Summary Process forms to generate electronic files (e-files) for submission of PAYG summaries.

Note: Before you generate the electronic files, make sure you have already reviewed and/or edited PAYG items and amounts as necessary. If you have not, you should do so before proceeding here. For more information, see Review/Update PAYG Information for Employees and PR ETP Employee Amounts. You can also print the PR PAYG Payment Summary - Individual Non-Business and the PR PAYG Payment Summary - Employee Termination Payment to make sure that all of the necessary information has been entered and is correct.
At the end of the current tax year, you can use the system to generate a file for electronic submission of PAYG summaries to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The file created will include the PAYG individual non-business summary and the PAYG employment termination payment summary.

The electronic file will include payment summaries for both currently employed and terminated employees, unless you specifically choose to send those separately.

To generate electronic files for original PAYG and ETP summaries:

  1. Open the PR PAYG Summary Process or PR ETP Summary Process form.
  2. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year for generating the file or press F4 to select from a list of valid tax years.
  3. From the PR PAYG Summary Process or PR ETP Summary Process toolbar, select Tasks > Generate PAYG Annual Report E-File.
    The system displays the Save Export File As window.
  4. Save the text file to a location on your network.
    The system saves the file and a message displays informing you of the number of records that were processed.
  5. Click Close.
    The system returns to the PR PAYG Summary Process or PR ETP Summary Process form.
  6. Lodge the electronic file with the ATO.

    For more information about how to lodge your PAYG withholding annual reports, see the Australian Taxation Office website (