Generate Employee PAYG Amounts for a Single Employee (Part-Year Summary)

When you are ready to prepare part-year (on-demand) or year-end PAYG individual non-business (INB) summaries, use the PR PAYG Employee Generate Amts form to generate amounts for each employee.

The system uses the Period of Reporting and Employee Accumulation tables to determine the summaries and amounts to generate for each employee for the specified tax year.

To generate amounts for just one employee:

  1. Open the PR PAYG Summary Process form and enter the tax year.
  2. Click Generate Amounts to open the PR PAYG Employee Generate Amts form.
  3. In the Employee field, enter the employee for which to generate amounts or press F4 to select from a list of employees.
  4. In the Process Through Date field, enter the date through which to generate amounts as follows:
    • If you entered a Period End Date for the employee's current reporting period (in the PR Employees form, PAYG Reporting Periods tab), enter that same date here.

    • If you did not enter a Period End Date for the current reporting period, enter the period end date for the summary.

  5. If there are existing summaries for employee/tax year and you want to replace them, select the Startover: Overwrites All Existing Summaries in Tax Year check box.
  6. Click OK.