Prepare PAYG Employment Termination Payment Summaries

An overview to processing ETP payment summaries.

To prepare and process ETP summaries:
  1. Set up your company information for the current tax year in the HQ ATO Tax Years form.
  2. Open the PR ETP Summary Process form.
  3. Enter the signature of the person authorised to submit ETP payment summaries in the Signature of Authorised Person field, or accept the default from the Signature of Employer field on the HQ ATO Tax Years form.
  4. Enter the reporting date in the Report Date field, or accept the default of today's date.
  5. Click Generate ETP Employees. The system displays the PR ETP Generate Amounts form.
  6. Use the PR ETP Generate Amounts form to generate specific employee information that will be used on the PR Payment Summary - Employee Termination Payment summary and electronic file.
  7. On the Employee ETP By Date tab, edit employee information, as necessary.
  8. To view or edit the employee amounts, double-click a record on the Employee ETP By Date tab to open the PR ETP Employee Amounts form.
    Note: If you are amending a previously submitted summary or electronic file, you must indicate that fact. For more information, see If you are amending the amounts in PR ETP Employee Amounts.
  9. To print/preview the report, select Options > Reports > PR PAYG Payment Summary - Employment Termination Payment. (The option is available on both the PR ETP Employee Amounts or PR ETP Summary Process forms. ) You can then submit a copy to the employee or an electronic file to the ATO as necessary.
  10. At the end of the tax year, generate the electronic file and submit it to the ATO. See Generating Electronic Files for PAYG Summaries for more information.
  11. Once you have finished preparing and printing ETP reports for the current year, you should close the tax year to prevent any unintentional updates to the Employee ETP By Date tab. To close the tax year, select ETP Tax Year Closed from the Close/Open Tax Year field at the bottom of the Info tab.