Prepare the PAYG Payment Summary - Individual Non-Business

This topic provides an overview to preparing PAYG individual non-business payment summaries in Vista™.

Note: Summaries are generated based on the reporting periods found for each employee in the PR Employees form, PAYG Reporting Periods tab. When you generate employee amounts, the system creates a separate summary record for each reporting period in the specified tax year. Because reporting periods correspond to the employee's employment cycles, this allows you to create partial PAYG summaries for your employees throughout the year, as necessary. For more information about partial summaries, see About Part-Year PAYG Payment Summaries.

Use the PR PAYG Summary Process form to prepare PAYG information for the specified year and preview/print the PR PAYG Payment Summary - Individual Non-Business summary. You can then generate an electronic file to submit to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The following instructions provide an overview to processing PAYG individual non-business payment summaries. As you follow each of the steps, click the links to get detailed information on completing the step.

  1. In the HQ ATO Tax Years form, set up your company information for the current tax year.
  2. Open the PR PAYG Summary Process form. The Tax Year field defaults to the tax year specified in HQ ATO Tax Years.
  3. In the Fax field, enter the fax number that the ATO can use to contact you regarding your payment summary.
  4. In the Authorised Signature field, accept the default or enter the name of the person in your organization who can authorise payment.
  5. In the Date field, accept the default or enter the PAYG reporting date.
  6. Save the record.

    The system defaults all PAYG Items set up from the previous tax year to the ATO / Super Items and Misc Items tabs.

  7. Review the PAYG items.
  8. Generate employee PAYG amounts.
  9. Review/update PAYG information for individual employees as needed.

    If you are amending a previously submitted summary, see Amend an Individual Non-business Payment Summary.

  10. Print Employee PAYG Payment Summaries.
    Note: This step is required only if the payroll company is set up to attach copies of payment summaries to summary records (in the PR Company Parameters form) for emailing to employees.
  11. At the end of the tax year, in the PR PAYG Summary Process toolbar, select Tasks > Generate PAYG Annual Report E-File to generate electronic files for submission.
  12. Submit the files to the ATO.
  13. Once you have finished preparing and printing PAYG summaries for the current year, close the tax year to prevent any unintentional updates:
    1. In PR PAYG Summary Process, click on the Info tab.
    2. From the PAYG Tax Year Open/Closed drop-down, select PAYG Tax Year Closed.
      This disables the ATO / Super Items, Misc Items, and Employees tabs in the PR PAYG Summary Process form to prevent editing, adding, or deleting records. In addition, all tabs in the PR Employee PAYG Summaries form (accessed by double-clicking in the Employees grid) become disabled.