Print a Part-Year PAYG Payment Summary for an Employee

You can print a part-year PAYG payment summary for an employee and/or attach it to the corresponding payment summary record so it can be emailed to the employee.

  • If emailing the payment summary to the employee, you must set up the Payroll company to attach PAYG payment summaries to employee PAYG summary records. For more information, see Set Tax Document Attachment Options: Australia.

  • If the employee is active (non-terminated), enter a Period End Date for the current reporting period (in the PR Employees form, PAYG Reporting Periods tab).

  • You must generate the part-year summary before you can print it.

Part-year summaries are typically generated when you terminate an employee or when an active employee requests a payment summary prior to year end. In most cases, the part-year summary provides details of withholding payments made from the start of the current tax year up through the date of the summary request. However, if the employee has previously requested a part-year summary in the current tax year, the new summary will only include details from the date of the previous part-year summary through the date of the current request.
  1. From the Main Menu, select Payroll > Programs > PR PAYG Summary Process.
  2. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year.
  3. Select the Employee tab.
  4. In the grid, double-click on the employee for which you are printing the part-year payment summary.

    The PR Employee PAYG Summaries form opens.

  5. Select Tasks > PR PAYG Payment Summary - Individual Non-business.

    The PR PAYG Payment Summary INB form displays.

  6. The Employee field defaults the employee you selected in Step 4; accept the default.
  7. In the Summary Number field, enter the payment summary to print or press F4 to select from a list. This will be the part-year summary you generated for the employee (via PR PAYG Summary Process).

    If you need to print multiple summaries for the employee, leave this field blank.

  8. In the Summary Type field, select the summary type to print: Original, Amended, or All.
  9. If the employee receives payment summaries via email, but you also want a printed copy, select the Include employees notified by email on printed report check box.

    If the employee does not receive payment summaries via email, leave the Include employees notified by email on printed report check box unselected (default setting).

    Note: This check box does not affect the generation of PDF attachments for emailing. If the company is set up for PAYG attachments, the system creates and attaches a PDF copy of the summary, regardless of how you set this flag.
  10. Click Print.
The part-year summary prints and, if set up to do so, a PDF copy is generated and attached to the corresponding summary record in PR Employee PAYG Summaries (on the PAYG INB Summaries tab).

You can now distribute and/or email the part-year payment summary to the employee. For information about emailing payment summaries to employees, see Send PAYG Payment Summaries by Email .