Add, Edit, and Delete Box Items for T4 Reporting

(Canada only) When setting up T4 information for the current tax year in the PR Canada T4 form, the T4 Box Items tab lists the T4 box items that you have already applied.

Some items to keep in mind:
  • When adding and editing box items for T4s, you have the option to initialize (copy) data from the previous year. You can accept or modify the default values from the previous year.
  • Viewpoint provides T4 updates in year-end regulatory updates.
  • If after initializing, you load the year-end regulatory update, you will need to enter additional information for each new item.
  • If you opt not to initialize data from the previous year, the system adds all available box items to the tab, but does not associate the items with any earnings, deduction, or liability codes. In this case, you will need to enter additional data about the box item.
The instructions on this page are to add a box item.
  • If you need to edit a box item, select the record and associate it with a specific deduction, earnings, or liability code.
  • If you need to delete a box item (for example, if it does not apply to you), select the record and click the Delete button.
To add a box item in the PR Canada T4 form:
  1. Click the T4 Box Items tab.
  2. In the Box Number field, enter the item number or press F4 to see a list of valid item numbers.
  3. From the EDL Type drop-down menu, select the EDL code type that should be associated to that box number.
  4. Enter the code number in the EDL Code field, or press F4 for a list of applicable codes. For additional information on Box 14, press F1 in the EDL Code field.
  5. Select an amount type from the Amount Type drop-down menu:
    • A - Amount – Liabilities that are treated like earnings. Select this option when you have to set up both earnings and liabilities so that the amounts will be added together.
    • S - Subject Amount – Wages that are subject to a certain deduction or liability. Select this option based on your specified box number and EDL type.
    • E - Eligible Amount – Include only those earnings used in the calculation basis for the deduction amount. Select this option based on your specified box number and EDL type.
  6. Save the record.
  7. Repeat the steps above for any additional box items that you want to add.