About the PR Unemployment Employees Form

Use this form to maintain the employee information used in the Quarterly State and Unemployment Wage reports.

This information is automatically created when the PR Unemployment/Wage Initialization form is run. This form is accessed by double-clicking on a record on the Employees tab of PR Unemployment Process.

Employee information, such as the employee’s name, address, social security number, and hire/terminate dates default from PR Employees. Other information, such as the wage and withholding data, is pulled from PR Employee Accumulations. Information can be added, deleted, or changed as necessary.

Note: Changes made to employee or wage/withholding information in this form do not update to PR Employees or PR Employee Accumulations.

Weeks Worked/Hours Worked

These fields' default values depend on which Accumulate With SUTA Liability option you selected in the PR State Information form. If you selected:
  • Weeks Worked, the number of weeks the employee worked in the specified quarter is shown.
  • Hours Worked, the number of hours the employee worked in the specified quarter is shown.

Employed In: Month 1, 2, 3

This option automatically initializes and indicates whether or not the selected employee worked in a pay period (in the specified quarter) that included the 12th day of month, even if the employee did not actually work on that day. For example: pay periods are set up to run the 1st through the 15th, and the 16th through the 31st of each month. If an employee worked during the first pay period of the 1st and 2nd month, but was on vacation during the first pay period of the 3rd month, you would check the boxes for Month 1 and 2, but not for Month 3.