About Editing Employee W-2 Information

You can use the PR W-2 Employee Edit form to maintain/edit federal, state, and local information for employee W-2s.

You can only edit information on this form if you have already initialized the tax year. For more information, see Process W-2s.

Typically, you should not need to make changes to any of the employee information. However, there may be situations where changes must be made, such as a misspelled name, new address, or information inadvertently added or missed when you initialized W-2s. You can make the necessary changes in the PR W-2 Employee Edit form; however, changes made within the W-2 section do not update elsewhere on the system. If you want your changes to be permanent, you must make the changes in the appropriate form(s).

Important: If you make any changes outside the W-2 process after initializing, you must re-initialize before you proceed to capture those changes.

For information specific to the fields on each tab, see the F1 help.

Editing Employee Information

You can use the Info and Additional Info tabs on the PR W-2 Employee Edit form to edit general information for an employee. Information includes:

  • the employee's name, address, Social Security Number (SSN), tax state, and marital information

  • which boxes should be checked in Box 13 of the W-2 (Statutory, Retirement Plan, and Third Party Sick Pay)

  • whether the employee has consented to receive their W-2 electronically

  • State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) information

Editing Federal Information

The Federal Information tab contains the wage and withholding information for federal W-2s. Earnings, deduction, and liability reporting items selected when initializing federal information display in this grid. The actual wage and withholding amounts are pulled from PR Employee Accumulations.

If you are reporting make-up contributions to a 401(k) plan (Item 10) for employees called into active military duty under the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), use the Year field to specify the year that the make-up contribution applies to. The system enables the Year field only for lines with an Item of 10, and is required for all sequences except Seq 1. The first sequence is used for the current year's 401(k) deferral and does not require that you enter the year. For example:

10Deferred Comp - 401(k)$2,500.00
10XXDeferred Comp - 401(k)$5,000.00

These amounts print in Box 12 of the employee's W-2; however, only the total amount is displayed, as the IRS does not want to see the breakdown.

You can also use this tab to enter codes to display in Box 14 of the federal W-2 form. You can use Box 14 to report any other information you want to give to your employees, but it is not required by the federal government. Some examples might include, as suggested by the IRS, union dues, health insurance premiums deducted, paid moving expenses, and education assistance programs. You can enter up to eight (8) Box 14 items on this form. The item numbers for the Box 14 items include 40, 41, 46, 47, 51,52, 53, and 54.

To add another code for either Box 12 or Box 14, enter the appropriate item number in the Item field or press F4 for a list of standard reporting items. Then enter the amount in the Amount field.

If you need to remove an item for the current tax year, highlight the record on the grid and click the Delete () button on the toolbar.

Editing State and Local Information

The State Info and Local Info tabs contain wage and withholding information for state and local W-2s. Each of the states and localities that were selected when initializing state/local information display in these grids. You can add additional information for the employee on these tabs, as well as edit or delete existing information that was added during initialization.

Note: The initialization process automatically sets the Type field (on the Local tab) for each locality based on the tax type specifiedin PR Local Codes (Tax Type field) or, if employee-based local taxes, PR Deductions/Liabilities (Tax Type field, Addl Info tab).

Editing State-Specific / Box 14 Information

The Misc Box 14 Detail tab contains descriptions for Box 14 of state/local W-2s for reporting state-specific earnings, deductions, or liability (e.g., CA SDI or AK ESC) for the employee. Each of the items that you selected when initializing Misc Box 14 information display on this grid. You can add additional items for this employee on this tab, as well as edit or delete existing information that was added during initialization.

Note: If you add an item here, the description for the item will print on the W-2 only if the box number matches an item that has been initialized. If you add a box that does not match an initialized item, the description for the item will not print on the W-2.