About the PR Generate W-2 e-File Form

If your company is unable to use Aatrix for electronic filing of Federal W-2s, you can still generate files for electronic submission of Federal W-2s.

Access this form by selecting Tasks > Generate W-2 e-File or File > Generate W-2 e-File from the PR W-2 Process form.

Note: You can generate electronic files for Federal W-2s only; Vista does not support paper versions for federal submission.

Before you export your Federal W-2 data to a file for electronic submission, it is recommended that you print the PR W-2 Preview Report to review the necessary information for accuracy. If any information is incorrect or something was not been set up correctly, you can recreate the W-2 files using the PR W-2 Process form.

Filtering options allow you to restrict the employees included in the federal e-file by state and local code. If you filer by local code, you must also filter by state. Only employees with entries for the specified state or state/local code are included in the generated export file.

Once you create and save the export file, you can then submit it to the Social Security Administration (SSA).

For more information about creating the electronic file, see Create a Federal W-2 Electronic File.