Create a Federal W-2 Electronic File

This topic details how to export your Federal W-2 data to a file for electronic submission. You will only need to use this method if Aatrix is not available in your jurisdiction.

Before you can generate a file for electronic submission, you must have entered the required information for federal filing in the PR W-2 Process form. This information includes User ID #, Contact Name, Phone,and Delivery Address.
Note: It is recommended that you preview/print the PR W-2 Preview Report before you export your W-2 data to ensure that all of the necessary information is entered and correct. If information has not been set up correctly, you can recreate the W-2 files using the PR W-2 Process form.
  1. From the main menu, select Payroll > Programs > PR W-2 Process.
    The PR W-2 Process form opens.
  2. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year for which to generate the federal W2 electronic file.
  3. Select Tasks > Generate W-2 e-File.
    The PR Generate W-2 e-File form opens.
  4. If any of your employees received sick pay from an insurance company or other third-party and you were notified of the sick pay amount, enter that amount in the Third Party Income Tax Withholding field.
  5. If you want the e-file to only include employees for a specific state, enter the state in the State Filter field.
    The generated export file will include only those employees with an entry for the specified state.
    Leave this field blank to include all employees.
    Note: Entry in this field is required if you will be filtering by Local Code.
  6. If you selected to filter employees by state and also want to filter employees by local code, enter the local code in the Local Code Filter field. Press F4 to select from a list of valid local codes for the specified state.
    The generated export file will include only those employees with an entry for the specified state and local code.

    Leave this field blank to include all employees for the specified state or, if not filtering by state, all employees, regardless of state/local code.

  7. Click Export.
    The Save Export File As window displays.
  8. Save the text file to a location on your network, either accepting the default file name or entering a new file name as needed.
    The system saves the file and a message displays informing you of the number of Federal W-2 records that were processed.
  9. Click Close.
    You are returned to the PR Generate W-2 e-File form.
You can now submit your file electronically to the Social Security Administration (SSA).
Note: If you need to print employee copies of W-2s, use the PR W2 Employee Copies report (accessible from the Payroll Reports menu or from the PR W-2 Process form by selecting Options > Reports > PR W2 Employee Copies. This report is intended for printing employee copies (B, C, 2) only; it cannot be used for W-2 paper filings.