PR W-2 Employee Edit Form

Use this form to maintain/edit federal, state, and local information for employee W-2s.

Access this form by double-clicking on the Employees tab of PR W-2 Process.

In order to edit information on this form, the tax year must have been previously initialized; for more information, see Process W-2s.

Much of the information on this form defaults from PR Employees and PR Employee Accumulations. Check the information and make any necessary changes or additions. Be aware that changes made here are not updated elsewhere in the system.

Typically, you should not need to make changes to any of the information in this form. However, there may be situations where changes must be made (misspelled name, new address, etc.), or you may have inadvertently added or missed something when you initialized W-2s. If this is the case, you can make the necessary changes on the info tab of PR W-2 Process and then re-initialize the W-2s, or make the necessary changes here. You should be aware, however, that changes made here do not update elsewhere on the system; you must manually update all appropriate forms.

About Editing Employee W-2 Information