Preview Federal and State W-2 Reporting Information

You may find it useful to use the PR W2 Preview Report to review both federal and state reporting information before you print and/or electronically file W-2s.

You can access the PR W-2 Preview Report from the Vista main menu (Payroll > Reports) or the PR W-2 Process form. The following instructions detail how to run the PR W-2 Preview Report from the PR W-2 Process form.
  1. From the main menu, select Payroll > Programs > PR W-2 Process.
    The PR W-2 Process form displays.
  2. Select Options > Reports > PR W2 Preview Report.
    The PR W2 Preview Report launcher displays.
  3. In the Company field, enter the company.
  4. In the Tax Year field, enter the tax year to preview.
  5. In the Sort Order field, enter A to sort by employee name or N to sort by employee number..
  6. In the Beginning Employee / Ending Employee or the Beginning Employee Name / Ending Employee Name fields, enter a range of employees. If you leave these fields blank, the system includes all employees.
    Note: When printing in order by employee name, leave the Beginning Employee field blank in order to retrieve any names that were inadvertently set up with a space prior to the sort name.
  7. Click Preview.
Once you verify that your W-2 data is correct, you can print or e-file your W-2s via Aatrix. If Aatrix is not in your company's jurisdiction, you can use PR Generate W-2 e-File to export your federal W-2 data to a text file for electronic submission to the Social Security Administration (SSA).
Note: If you need to print employee copies of W-2s, use the PR W2 Employee Copies report (accessible from the Payroll Reports menu or from the PR W-2 Process form by selecting Options > Reports > PR W2 Employee Copies. This report is intended for printing employee copies (B, C, 2) only; it cannot be used for W-2 paper filings.