About the PR Craft Class Templates Form

The PR Craft Class Templates form is the most detailed level for determining craft/class pay rates, add-on earnings, deductions (including pre-tax) and liabilities.

Information entered in this form is applied first out of all the craft/class/template forms when you enter timecards or process payroll. You can access this form from the PR Programs folder in the Main Menu or by double-clicking a record on the Craft Class Templates tab in PR Craft Classes or PR Craft Templates.

Important: Pay rates, add-ons, variable earnings, and/or deduction (including pre-tax) and liability rates defined at the craft template, craft/class, or craft levels (as applicable) do not need to be set up here unless you are overriding the existing rate(s). If you do not override an existing rate here, the rate defined at the next hierarchical level will be used (i.e. craft template rates override craft class rates). If you want a specific rate excluded from calculations, set it up here with a 0.00 amount. (Note: Requiring only override rates to be defined here eliminates having to update multiple levels each time a rate change occurs.)

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