About the PR Generate Champ-CM Exports Form

Use this form to generate electronic media export files for imports to “Champ-CM 3.0” software. Exports are provided for both Employees and Work Hours.

For NY DOT electronic reporting, enter a Trade Sequence number in the PR Crafts (Add’l Info tab) for each applicable craft. Each employee also requires assignment of an Occupational Category and a Category Status of J (Journeyman), A (Apprentice) or T (Trainee) in PR Employees (Add’l Info tab). Employees without this information are not included on the report.

Note: Other states using this export may also require this information; check the requirements for your state to determine if this information is necessary.

Once you have specified the necessary criteria, click the Employee Export button or the Work Hours Export button. The “Save Export File As” window displays, which allows you to save the file as either as a *.csv (Comma separated) or *.txt (Tab separated) file type. Once the export process is complete, a message displays notifying you of how many records were processed.

Note: The Employee Export pulls pay rates from timecards rather than employee headers (i.e. PR Employees). In addition, trade sequence numbers are pulled from the timecard's craft, rather than from the craft assigned to the employee (in PR Employees).