Assign Allowances to Crafts

You can assign payroll allowances to a craft using the Allowance Earnings tab in PR Crafts.

Allowances enable you to pay an employee additional earnings based on a set time period. You will add allowances to PR Crafts when the allowance is specific to the employee and have nothing to do with a job (e.g., travel).

To assign allowances to a craft:

  1. In PR Crafts, select the craft to which the allowance applies.
  2. On the Allowance Earnings tab, in the Allowance field, enter the allowance name or press F4 to select from a list of valid craft allowances (i.e. allowances with a rule set location of Craft Master in PR Allowances).
  3. In the Earn Code field, enter the earnings code for the allowance or press F4 to select from a list of valid allowance earnings codes (i.e. earnings codes with a method of Allowance in PR Earnings Codes).
    Tip: You should specify an earnings code that is specific to the allowance you enter. The system does not report based on allowances, but on earnings. Therefore, if you use a generic earnings code for each allowance, the system will only display a lump sum amount for earnings and you will be unable to tell which allowances contributed to the amount (PR Employee Pay Seq Control, Earnings Code tab, for example).
  4. In the Rule Set field, enter the rule set to use for determining how the allowance will be calculated. Press F4 for a list of valid rule sets.
  5. In the Shift Rate Override field, enter the override pay rate to use for this allowance or leave blank to use the straight time rate for the shift worked by the employee.

    The system will use this shift's rate regardless of the shift worked for the employee. If the employee works under multiple classes, shifts, and/or templates, the highest straight time rate for the shift applies. However, a higher rate for the employee in PR Employees (Hourly Rate field) will override any/all shift rates.

  6. Save the record.