Copying Standard Crafts/Classes to a New Template

The following instructions detail how to copy standard crafts/classes to a new template.

  1. In PR Template Copy, select the Standard Crafts and Classes radio button in the Template Copy Source section of the form.
  2. You can copy all crafts/classes defined in PR Crafts and PR Craft Classes or you can select a specific craft to copy craft to copy information form. Select the appropriate option: All Crafts or Selected Craft .
  3. If you are copying from a selected craft, enter the craft in the Craft field. Press F4 for a list of crafts.
  4. In the Include section of the form, check the boxes for the type of class/craft information that you want copied to the new template. Options include: Pay Rates, Addon Earnings, Job Craft Items, Variable Earnings, Dends/Liabs, and Notes.
  5. Enter the template you are copying to in the Template field.
  6. Enter a description for the template in the Description field.
    Note: You can select an existing template to copy new information to. In that case, the system will not overwrite any information on this template, but will add any data that did not exist previously. Additionally, the Description field will default automatically and you will be unable to make changes.
  7. Click Copy.
The system copies information to the new template.