Set Holiday Week Overtime by Craft

In PR Crafts, you can override the maximum regular hours for weekly and bi-weekly pay periods by using the Holiday Week Overtime Override fields.

Maximum regular hours are set in PR Pay Period Control and apply to all employees. You can override these settings by craft. This is useful when a craft has a different pay schedule than other crafts or non-union employees.

The following instructions detail how to set holiday week overtime by craft.

  1. In PR Crafts, locate the craft you want to override holiday week overtime.
  2. Check the Use Holiday OT Override box.
The system enables the Maximum Regular Hours Per Week field.
  3. Enter the override hours amount in the Maximum Regular Hours Per Week field. Any hours beyond this amount are paid at the overtime rate.
  4. Save the record as normal.

    Once the record is saved, holiday pay that is generated based in weekly and bi-weekly payroll will use overtime schedules that are assigned at the employee (daily), craft, or job level. If overtime schedules include a different pay rate for the holiday (e.g., triple-time), the employee only receives the different rate if they work on the actual holiday. Otherwise, the holiday is paid at the normal overtime rate.