Set Up Craft Holidays

You can use the Holidays tab in PR Crafts to set up any holidays that are paid specifically for the craft.

For example, if employees associated with Craft 1 are the only ones who receive overtime for Columbus Day, you would set up the holiday in PR Crafts, but not in PR Pay Period Control. If the holiday applies to all employees, then it should be only set up in PR Pay Period Control. When overtime calculations are made, the system refers to this calendar to determine if a date is considered a holiday for this craft.

The following instructions detail how to specify a holiday for the craft.

  1. In PR Crafts, select the Holidays tab.
  2. Enter a date in the Holiday field.
  3. In the Description field, enter a description of the holiday.
  4. Save the record as normal.
  5. Verify that an overtime schedule is specified in the OT Schedule field (Info tab) and that the schedule has an overtime schedule set for holidays (PR Overtime Schedule). If an overtime schedule is not specified and/or an overtime schedule is not set for holidays, employees associated with the craft will not be paid overtime for the holiday.
    Note: Employees get paid for the holidays you set up here, as well as holidays set up for the pay period that have the Apply to Craft box checked; assuming that the employees have worked the holiday and are designated as a craft employee (the Overtime field in PR Employees is set to C-Craft). If the Apply to Craft box is not checked for holidays in PR Pay Period Control, the craft employees will not receive overtime for those holidays.Crafts, Classes, and Templates