Set Up Reciprocal Agreements for Crafts

Reciprocal agreements are sometimes established between crafts/unions to cover cases where an employee from one local union is working on a job within the jurisdiction of another union.

These agreements control which pay rates are used, which deductions/liabilities are calculated, and to which craft they are reported. Because reciprocal agreements are job-related, you will set up reciprocal agreements in PR Craft Templates.

The following instructions detail how to set up a reciprocal agreement.

  1. In PR Craft Templates, create a craft template. For more information, see Setting Up Craft Templates.
  2. In the Reciprocal Agreements section of PR Craft Templates, select the radio button for the type of agreement. The following options are available:
    • None - When entering timecards, the employee's standard craft defaults.

    • Partial - When entering timecards, the employee's standard craft defaults. The system will calculate all earnings using the posted craft, but individual deductions/liabilities will accumulate under the job craft.

    • Override - When entering timecards, the job craft overrides the employee's standard craft. The system will calculate and accumulate all earnings using the posted craft.

  3. In the Job Craft field, enter the craft/union where the job is located. Press F4 for a list of crafts.
  4. If you are setting up a partial reciprocal agreement, select the Job Craft Items tab. On this tab, enter the deduction/liability codes that will accumulate based on the job craft in the DL Code field.
    Note: Items on this tab apply only to partial reciprocal agreements and indicate which deductions/liabilities are to be accumulated based on the job craft instead of the employee's craft.