Update Craft Rates

The Effective Date field in PR Crafts determines whether the system uses new or old rates for craft-related earnings and deductions/liabilities.

Timecards posted to dates prior to the effective date use the old rates, while timecards posted on or before the effective date use the new rates. This applies to all classes within the craft, but you can override it at the craft template level.

When you have a new set of rates, you can update the old rates by moving the new rates to old. The following instructions detail how to update the rates.

  1. In PR Crafts, select File > Move New Rate to Old.
 The system displays a message stating the old values will be replaced by the new values.
  2. Click Yes to continue.
The system copies the new rates for all earnings and deduction/liabilities to the old rates. A second message displays stating that the update was successful and remind you to change the effective date.
  3. Click OK.
The system automatically places focus on the Effective Date field.
  4. Update the date in the Effective Date field, as necessary.
    Note: Capped code limits are also determined by this effective date. If you change this date, make sure that your capped limits are set correctly for any applicable classes. For more information, see Setting Capped Codes and Limits.
  5. Update the new rates for earnings and deductions/liabilities as necessary.