About Group Numbers

The Payroll module revolves around the group number.

All processing is done according to group number, as it is specified along with the company number before actually accessing most payroll programs. Most significantly, payroll processing, check printing, and payroll registers are by group.

It is recommended that you do not change an employee’s group number. However, if it is absolutely necessary, here are the implications of such a change:

  • Existing information stored by group is not affected; therefore, all existing earnings detail for that employee will show up under the original group number.

  • Only new postings are stored under the new group number. Because many reports are restricted by group number, it may be necessary to review old detail for that employee under multiple groups.

  • An employee’s earnings can only be posted within the currently assigned group. If you must change the group number, wait until the period is closed. Employee accumulations are not affected by changing the group number.