About Initializing Employees to PR from HR

If you have set up employees in the Human Resources module, you can set them up in PR Employees automatically using the Update HR to PR option in the HR Initialize PR Employees form.

When you initialize employees from HR, the system tries to assign the employee number to be the same as the HR Resource number. However, if during initialization, the system determines that the number already exists in PR Employees for another employee, it then assigns the employee number using the next sequential number available, based on the highest existing employee number (this same logic is used when initializing PR employee to HR).

Initialization pulls in the static information set up for the employee in HR. This includes the name, address, and phone number, birth date, SSN, sex, and race, as well as payroll-related information such as the payroll group, department, craft and class, tax and unemployment state, and W-4 information.