Add or Edit Employee Accumulations Records (US)

(United States) You can add or edit employee accumulations records using PR Employee Accumulations.

Once the system is set up, earnings, deductions, and liabilities accumulations are automatically updated in this form. However, you can add new records to insert values not directly related to an existing PR Timecard or the processing of a timecard.

For information, see the following steps and the F1 Help in each field.

To add or edit records:

  1. In the Employee field, press F4 to select from a list of employees.
  2. Add a new record or edit an existing record:
    • To add a new record: Click into an empty row in the grid.
    • To edit an existing record: Select the record.
  3. In the Month field, select a month.
  4. In the Type field, select E-Earning, D-Deduction, or L-Liability.
  5. In the EDL Code field, enter a code or press F4 to select from a list.
  6. In the remaining fields, enter the dollar amounts. These fields are available depending on which Type you selected:
    • Hours/Liab Wk — available when E-Earnings or L-Liability is selected
    • Subject Amount — available when D-Deductions or L-Liability is selected
    • Eligible Amount — available when D-Deductions or L-Liability is selected
    • Amount — available when D-Deductions, E-Earnings, or L-Liability is selected