PR Employee Accums Detail Form (AU)

(Australia) Use the PR Employee Accums Detail form to access and maintain employee accumulations detail for Single Touch Payroll (STP) Phase 2 reporting.

Access this form by double-clicking a record in PR Employee Accumulations from an Australian company (one with a Default Country of AU in HQ Company Setup).

This form enables you to manually access and maintain the necessary detail for generating STP Phase 2 submissions. Detail records include monthly earnings, deductions, and liabilities for each employee, per month, EDL type and code, income stream type and income stream country (for working holiday maker records).

The amounts on this detail form are totaled and displayed in the related record on the PR Employee Accumulations form.

This form is used initially while implementing Vista to set up earning, deductions, and liabilities that are tax-related and/or have annual limits. Once the system is set up, these accumulations are automatically updated, so you may not need to use this form after the initial implementation.

However, there are cases where you may want to edit data in the form. These include using the form to:

  • insert values not otherwise directly related to an existing PR Timecard or the processing of a timecard for end-of-year reporting. An example might be contributions for medical insurance during an employee's vacation or leave of absence when the employee is not working and no timecards are entered.
  • enter balance forward information when upgrading Vista mid-year.

For information about adding or editing detail records, see Add New or Edit Existing Accums Detail Records (AU).