Income Stream Country

(Australia) The Income Stream Country field on the PR Employee Accums Detail form.

This field is enabled and required if the Income Stream Type is WHM (Working holiday maker).

Defaults the income stream country specified for the employee in the Country Code field on the PR Employees form.

Accept the default or enter the two-letter code representing the home country of the working holiday maker. This will be the alpha-2 code defined for the country in ISO 3166-1 (cannot be AU, CC, CX, HM, or NF). Press F4 for a list of valid country codes.

Note: You will typically only change the defaulted country code for a new detail record if you are correcting the country code for an existing detail record, since edits to the country code for existing records are not allowed. In which case, once you finish entering the new detail record, you would then delete the incorrect detail record.