Rate / Amount

The Rate/Amount field on the PR Employee Dedns/Liabs form, Info tab, Add-On section.

Used only when an Add-on type is specified (previous field).

Specify the additional amount or rate to withhold from the employee's pay for each pay period. Add-on amounts can be any dollar value; however, if entering a rate, you will typically enter a value between 0.00 and 1.00 (e.g. .25000, .50000, etc. with 1.00000 representing 100%).

Canadian users: See Add-on Rate / Amount for the field definition for this field.
Note: If you are entering extra withholding information from Federal Form W-4, this is a dollar amount, not a rate; therefore, you must set the Add-On type to Amount.

Federal 2020 W-4s

If you are entering information from from Federal Form W-4 (2020), enter the dollar amount specified in Step 4c. This is the additional amount per pay period to withhold.

Note: If you selected the W-4 Info check box in the PR Update Options section of the HR Company Parameters form, the system automatically synchronizes the employee and resource records when additions or changes are made to this field in either HR or PR. However, in order for auto-updates to occur:
  • you must assign a valid resource number to the employee in the PR Employees form;
  • you must assign a valid employee number to the resource in the HR Resources form; and
  • you must select the Active PR Employee and Exists in PR checkboxes for the resource in the HR Resources form.
If you do not select the W-4 Info checkbox, you must update this field manually in each of the HR Resources, PR Employees, and PR Employee Dedns/Liabs forms as applicable.